Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have a new addiction.

I have a new addiction. Well, to be fair I have a new way to feed an old addiction. It's sad really. Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had to actively go out and search for just the right hit. Now, the right hit comes to me. Hello, my name is Stewart and I'm the proud owner of a Barnes and Noble Nook.
After music, reading is my greatest passion and pastime. If I hadn't studied music in school I most likely would have gotten an English degree. For Christmas my sweetie bought me a Nook. She was planning ahead for the honeymoon this summer. She knows that I have to read daily. It truly is an addiction. I get restless and fidgety if I don't have anything to read, but it just isn't feasible to take a large quantity of books to the caribean. Thus, the Nook. Truthfully I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much. I really enjoy the feel of a book in my hands, but I'm loving it more daily. It's so easy! You find the hit, er, book that you are looking for, hit download, and presto, it's in your hands!
I know me rambling about an ereader isn't why you tune in to my little blog, but hey, it's my blog! There is something else incredible about the Nook. Both Barnes and Noble and Amazon offer a self publishing function for authors looking to publish an eBook. Crazy right? Well, I've decided to put together several short stories, and one novella, that I've been working on and offer them online. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. I mean, what if no one likes them? That could be devastating. But, it seems like something that I need to try. So, wish me luck and expect to see a post in the near future telling you where you can go buy it.

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