Thursday, March 27, 2014

B7 Re-Watch: Redemption


Where can I watch it?

Season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off. Blake is busy analyzing Orac's prediction trying to find a way to prevent it. He enlists Avon's grudging help. I say grudging because systems are starting to act up on Liberator beginning with the long range sensors. Avon casually points out that the location of the ships destruction can be ascertained from the background of the video. All they have to do is never go there and everything will be A ok. Because it's just that easy. 

Remember those malfunctions? Well it's not going to be that easy. The ship has more malfunctions than a new Windows update including taking off at full speed across the galaxy. At the same time tiny hypodermic needles attack them. 

Resistance is futile. You will be inoculated. 

The alien ships manage to knockout most of the ships systems before boarding. The crew is easily incapacitated and the ship is captured. It turns out their attackers are the Liberators builders The System. At which point they take Deep Space Vehicle 1, their name for Liberator, home. 

Again with the sexual symbolism guys?

Who is the System? I'm still not completely sure honestly. We do learn that they are a highly computerized, technologically advanced race from a tiny little star system. No really. We learn that there are only three planets on their system. Now, with such limited resources we're expected to believe that they're churning out ships like Liberator. Sure. Oh, they also look like angry space pixies. 

I've got your fairy dust right here. 

They take time to interrogate, some would call it torture, members of the Blake. The rest of the crew is locked in seperate cells to contemplate their fate. Luckily Vila has magic powers and picks the lock with no tools whatsoever. 

Blake's O face. 

Blake meets a slave of the System who gives him what little information we learn about the System. He helps them escape back to Liberator and of course gets killed in the process. Hey, that's just what we do in B7. 

The system slave retirement plan is shite but the dental plan is excellent. 

Liberator blasts off but the System's ships are in hot pursuit. DSV2 is launched to pursue them and the rebel crew decides that they just can't win and might as well give up. Blake is in a tizzy trying to facilitate an escape but the crew is feeling particularly nihilistic today. 

Although honestly this chick would scare me silly too. It's the snake eyes. They mesmerize you. 

Luckily Orac saves the day by blowing up DSV2 and therefore keeping his prophecy from being invalidated. He's still a D bag however. 

Who left the oven on?

The crew makes good their escape and never again shall we hear of the system. Next up is Shadow. A story of drugs, betrayal and rebellion. 

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed Redemption quite a lot but would have liked more out of it. I think several questions never get answered that should have been. As I've been asking, how does Zen know so much about the Federation? Who was the System fighting when Liberator was originally abandoned? What took them song to come looking for it? These are things that could have been explored better I think. Still, what we do get is a pretty good story.

Rating: 4 out of 5. 

Memorable Quote:
Vila: When you get Zen working, ask him to prescribe something for a headache, will you? I've got this shocking pain right behind the eyes.
Avon: Have you considered amputation?

Coffee of the Day:
Tully's Hawaiian Blend. Good blend. Medium roast. Not as good as the Community French Roast but a nice change of pace. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, oh lord Monday.

Well, I thought I was better. Dragged myself out of bed and off to work. Around 11:00 I turned right around and came home. It's interesting being sick as a teacher. In almost any other job you call your boss and say "hey, I'm sick". If you're a teacher, at least at my school, you call and find a sub. Then you call said boss. In today's case I had to call two supervisors, find a sub for one class, find someone to cover concession stand duty, get my power hour covered and then got to leave. 

Made it home and called AT&T back about our internet. Got off the phone with them just as the technician pulled up. Nice guy. Replaced our modem and called it good. Too bad our router needed replacing as well. Luckily my wife was up to the challenge. So while I collapsed on the couch she went to Best Buy and brought home "The Beast". 

This bad boy is awesome. Took flipping forever to get everything set up but now I'm sprawled out watching some Who. Good times all around. Needless to say no exercising, building or community band happened today. So much for 14.3

Tomorrow is the ACT. I'm supposedly a runner. Hopefully that will mean a little time to write and edit. The plan is to upload issue 2 tomorrow evening when I get home. It can't be done at school anymore. The smart filter plays havoc with Amazons KDP platform. Oddly enough though the Nook Press works swimmingly. Smashwords is right out though. Way too much smut to get through. 

On another note though Hannah and I have signed up for a Warrior Dash in Mississippi. What is a Warrior Dash? I'm glad you asked. 

Yeah, this is gonna be a blast. Going to have to double down on my training to get ready for this. Now if I can just shake this sinus infection so I can get to it. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The little Sunday that could

As you might have noticed, I'm running out of titles that are even remotely clever. Sorry guys. It was always a pretty shallow well anyway. Finally, at the wife's urgings, broke down and went to a clinic. The verdict is sinus infection. Yay! I don't remember ever getting a sinus infection until the ole nose got broken and Humpty Dumptied back together. I might be scheduling an ENT visit soon to check on that. 

So, two shots in the you know where and a laundry list of drugs later I feel blah. Just slightly less blah than I have been. Hopefully tomorrow we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Going to try to make it to work and if my body can handle it get 14.3 done at the last minute. Rich Fronning got 177 reps. I'm going for 178. Well, in my head at least. If AT&T will get our internet up and running I'm going to upload Issue 2 of By the Fire. I swear if I had other options for internet service out here I'd love to make a change. Then on to my looooong list of things to be written. 

On an aside we walked past the half finished buffet under the carport and Hannah asked how tall it was going to be. So, we did a quick measurement. Yeah, it's like ten inches shorter than the one we are replacing. I guess I'm going to have to get creative. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Run! It's colored powder!

After a very sleepless night last night we drug ourselves out of bed at 7:00 to head to Ruston for the Color Run 5k. Sick. Exhausted. But we still did the dang thing. It was my first ever 5k and Hannah's 2nd. We manage to finish in 40 minutes. Which, considering I ran almost 100% of it with a cough drop in my mouth ain't too shabby. 

However, that wrecked us both for the rest of the day. We got home, cleaned up, and have spent the rest of the day in bed. I've lost track of all the different medicines that I've taken. We've got two cute little fur babies though who are just beside themselves though trying to make us feel better. They've been even more needy than usual. 

I am proud of us though. I could tell that all of Hannah's training is starting to pay off. The good lord did not make me a runner though. Nope. Not at all. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday. Sick day.

Yep. Took a sick day. Which I hate to do. Spent most of the day watching Videos on Demand since the internet is down. There went my plan of watching Dr. Who until I felt better. On the plus side the wife and I watched the new Veronica Mars movie without having to drive to Baton Rouge to see it. That is all. Carry on. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Go home Thursday, nobody likes you.

I woke up today feeling pretty rough. Still had a bunch of crud in my chest and the Robitussin in my system left me pretty groggy. This will be a brief blog today because being sick shut a lot of things down. 

Late. Yeah, I know. Staggered through the day more or less. I did what I hate to do and just put in a movie for my classes. It still beats calling a sub I guess. 

Managed to sit up, sorta, on a chair and monitor my classes. Finally decided to just tKe tomorrow off so I called a sub. Well, had my drum major call a sub since she knows her from church. 

Speaking of church, I had to cancel practice. I might could make it through a brief practice but I'm just not up to that drive today. Especially after dark through the backwoods with no cell service. 

Made it home and sorta puttered around the house a bit till Hannah got home. Ate. Watched the following. Normal noring stuff that everyone does amplified by feeling drained. That's my Thursday. Kind if a busy. 

Tapped out a review over breakfast. It was brief and not up to par but I felt like I needed to stay on some sort of schedule. Trying to do one a day. 

Got a little under two hundred words typed on Thorn. My output hasn't picked back up from the holidays still. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. 

Nope. Didn't happen. Could barely stand up straight much less lift heavy things. 

14.3 has been released however. It's a ladder involving Deadlifts and Box Jumps. I feel pretty good about this one. If I'm back to 100% by Sunday. 

Too busy hacking up a lung. 

Again, couldn't stand up straight. I wasn't about to play with power tools. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Testing

Woke up today feeling kinda rough. Headache, chills and a lovely little cough. It could be from the sawdust I inhaled yesterday. 

Plan/Explore testing today. Spent the first two hours bored out of my skull watching kids test. I wasn't allowed to even read a book. I mostly just spent the time day dreaming story ideas. So, time not completely wasted. 

No junior high kids today. Or for that matter Juniors and Seniors. Today was testing just for Freshmen and Sophomores. Next week the juniors take the ACT so there'll be a few more lighter days ahead. That's all just as well since I felt pretty blah today. 

The rest of the day was essentially babysitting duty. I had eleven kids in my last class. 

Added a little more to the end of Judgment. It's a little clunky but as smooth as I can make it. Calling it good and putting it to bed. 

Now to turn my focus exclusively to Thorn in the Side. Minus a few reviews of course. I got a few hundred words done on Thorn. Almost done with chapter four. That leaves about three left. 

I felt terrible by the time I got home. No lifting, skipping or running today. 

For all of the above reasons no practicing today. It's also hard to play a wind instrument with junk rattling in your chest. 

Same as the above. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Bluesday

I set my alarm for 4:45 with every intention of starting the day struggling with gravity. In other words picking up heavy things and putting them back down. And that just didn't happen. I finally got up at 5:45. Got myself together while watching an episode of B7 to review later. 

Headed out about 7:10. That's a few minutes later than I meant but what can you do? Grabbed another cup of coffee for the road. Still feeling wiped from the time change. 

This week is testing week for Freshmen and Sophmores. Today was precoding day so of course 1st block was a no go. Originally I was supposed to be a runner which I was looking forward to. I'm so close to finishing a good book. But alas, at the last minute I was reassigned to giving the test to kids who get extra time. That wouldn't be so bad but I'm not allowed to read, write or text while they test. Shoot me. 

If you ever wonder where your tax money goes here it is. This week we, along with the rest of the state, are taking the Plan and Explore tests. Next week every junior is taking the ACT. All three tests are purchased from the same company. Think that over a minute. EVERY student in the state. How much money is this company making a year from Louisiana?

I have to confess, not going to festival is a relief, but it also robbed me of what little motivation I had left. It's harder and harder to get up on that podium. At least I remembered my lunch today. I'm the worst about packing it and then leaving it on the counter. 

Had two students tell me I'm mean today. I don't dispute that one but but I was curious why. One of them, completely deadpan, told me "you're the reason I cry at night". I'm 90% sure he was joking. Well, 85%. Maybe. 

Got all my shorts rebranded and uploaded to B&N and Smashwords. Now if the darn things will just sell. I'm still not crazy about two covers but that's something I'll have to fix later this week. 

Spent some time going over Thy Judgment Come. It's almost ready to go. The final showdown scene needs to be expanded slightly. Honestly I'm ready to move on to the next project. While monitoring Power Hour I got a little over 500 words done on Thorn. I think I have about 8-10k more to go till it's finished. Once I can give it my full attention it should go quickly. Might can get it out late this month or early next. 

Got my review of Breakdown done. Churning through season 1 fairly quickly. Considering I watch mostly on my iPad while I'm getting ready for work or lifting in the garage. I'm hoping to finish this season by next week and do a season review. I might take a short break before I start season two and slip in a one off review of something else. We'll see. 

Squat 12x2@220
Deadlift 10x2@245

Didn't get any accessories or conditioning done. I was just too tired and my lower back felt pretty hammered. 

I'm struggling with my diet if I'm being honest. I'd like to slim up a little but dieting properly is almost another part time job in and of itself. Especially for me. I have to watch every bite I eat and put in more cardio than is my want. I don't mind cardio but I prefer brief intense cardio over longer sessions. I hate long slow runs and chipper work outs. Give me sprints any day. 

Music Practice:
Didn't get a chance to practice anything today. I have several passages that need a little time and attention. I also need time to just work on basic things and regain some basic flexibility and endurance. Sigh. So much to do so little time. 

Got another step done on the buffet. I'm roughly halfway done. I'm pleased with how it's turning out. I'll never be a master craftsman but it's coming together much smoother than I expected. 

B7 Re-Watch: Season 1 Roundup

Series Overview:
Originally running from 1978-1981 the show was pitched as a combination Dirty Dozen/Robin Hood in space. It featured the eponymous Blake and his motley crew of criminals as they fought against the despotic Federation. 

The Ship:

Liberator is a large, extremely advanced alien warship. The crew lucks into its possession and it becomes their most capable weapon in their war for freedom. 

Zen is the main computer of the Liberator. He is extremely knowledgable but prone to refusing to aid the rebels when they least expect it. 

The Crew:

A political dissident who is framed with heinous crimes and deported to Cygnus Alpha. 

Computer genius and highly functioning sociopath. He clashed constantly with Blake. 

Smuggler and expert pilot she often serves as the voice of reason. 

A telepathic alien she was the final survivor of a resistance cell. Rescued by the crew she becomes a crucial member. 

Thief. Lock pick. Coward. 

A gentle giant who is restrained from acting violently by his limiter. 

Genius computer. Complete tool. 

The Villains:

The Federation

Supreme Commander of the space force. 

Space Commander. Psychopath. 

The story thus far:
Framed for crimes he didn't commit Blake is deported to the penal colony Cygnus Alpha. En route he and his not so merry band escape aboard the Liberator. Waging a guerrilla war against the vast and Totalitarian Federation they continually match wits against Servelan and Travis. Along the way they find new tools such Orac. The show garnered a reputation for handling relatively dark subject matter. The final scene of the first season showed Orac predicting the destruction of the Liberator. 

Best to Worst:
1. Seek-Locate-Destroy
2. The Way Back
3. Cygnus Alpha
4. Orac
5. Mission to Destiny
6. Space Fall
7. Duel
8. Project Avalon
9. Bounty
10. Deliverance
11. Time Squad
12. Breakdown 
13. The Web 

B7 Re-Watch: Orac

Where can I watch it?

Orac picks up where Deliverance left off. Blake is reviewing the footage of Ensor's ship crashing. He and Avon realize that it was the victim of sabatoge. Deciding that whatever Orac is they should get to it before the federation does they head off to rescue Ensor's daddy Ensor Sr. 

Servelan and Travis are already on their way however and arrive shortly before the Liberator does. Luckily for all involved Ensor has constructed a very large, very powerful force field around his base. This forces the evil duo to take the longest through underwater passages. The passages were seemingly built by long dead natives however an race of amphibians is evolving to take their place. 

Back on the Liberator we have learned that the landing party from Deliverance is suffering from radiation poisoning. No big deal we'll take anti radiation meds. Except that's the ONE THING they don't have on board. Hoping to trade power cells for the necessary drugs they've raced to find Ensor.

When they arrive at Aristo, Ensor's planet, Zen is taken over by an outside force that gives coordinates for teleport. Upon teleporting down Blake and Cally are confronted by a drone. 

Who really got Bin Laden?

The good guys are disarmed and taken to meet Ensor who is the typical mad scientist. He mixes up colors. Or is that spelled colours? Cuts people off. Typical genius stuff. He's upset about his sons death in a ho hum kinda way. But of course he has the drugs they need and agrees to leave with them to have his new power packs installed. 

Mad scientist? Check. Power pack for a heart? Check. Tony Stark eat your heart out. 

Now, has Blake picked up a doctor between episodes? Nope. Not even one in a blue box. They'll just ask Orac to talk them through the procedure. What is Orac? We finally learn about Orac. He is apparently a super computer that can hack any computer built using Tariel cells which are another of Ensor's inventions. Since Ensor is the Steve Jobs of his day every computer has Tariel cells. You can see how this might be beneficial. The question to me is how did Orac take over Zen if he doesn't use Tariel cells?

It also doubles as a Christmas ornament. 

Ok. I digress. The baddies arrive so the trio make a dash for it back through the caves. You know, instead of ambushing and shooting them. Sigh. At one point Blake sends Cally and Ensor ahead while he tries to cause a cave in. With his bare hands. Heaven forbid he grab his gun on the way out the door. Or they deploy the freaking drone. 

Of course Ensor dies before they escape because they have to fill the daily quota and since they won't kill Travis or Servelan he was really the only choice. None of that stops them from taking Orac and heading for the surface. Too bad they are ambushed by the bad guys.  It seems that tactics are only used by bad people. Yeah. 

It's a good thing Avon has stuck around. Realizing that things must have gone wrong he forces Vila to suit up and they teleport down to the rescue. He blows up Travis' laser hand just as he's about to kill Blake. See Blake? Avon can remember his freaking side arm and he's got like all the cancer by this point. Too bad he was actually aiming for Travis' head and just missed. 

They leave Servelan and Travis alive, again, but not before mocking them and head back to the Liberator. This is starting to reach Batman/Joker levels of ridiculousness. Just cap the guy and call it a day. Sheesh. They unbox Orac and learn that he is just as rude as Ensor. But he can apparently make predictions. When they finally goad him into making one he predicts the Liberators destruction. 

Is it too late to get our money back?

Final Thoughts:
And that wraps up season 1. Not a bad ending. I have a few minor quibbles with some characters actions but overall a nice episode. We have a race to get Orac before the Feds do compounded with an illness from last episode. The continuity has been fairly tight throughout this season. Once we finally get Orac we get a nice little cliffhanger for season 2. 

In the next several days I'm going to finish my season 1 roundup. Afterwards I'll most likely do a one off review of something unrelated just to change gears a little bit. Then it will be back for the season 2 premier Redemption where we will finally get a few answers about Liberator. Stay tuned!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Memorable Quote:
Vila: Die? I can't do that!
Avon: I'm afraid you can. It's the one talent we all share, even you.

Coffee of the Day:
Gevalia dark roast. Oh. My. Gosh. It's everything you could hope for in a gourmet dark roast. The K-Cups were like $12 a pack, so not cheap, but delicious. 

B7 Re-Watch: Deliverance


Where can I watch it?

This episode starts off with a bang. Literally. The opening shot is of a small craft in space. There are two occupants onboard who very soon make a rapid exit when it explodes. 

Something about the rockets firing too soon. I dunno. It's late. 

The Liberator just happens to be in the area and sees them go down. Avon, Gan, Villa and Jenna go down to look for survivors. One died on impact and the other is very badly wounded. They teleport him back aboard only to discover that Jenna is missing. Yeah, they have a horrible record of keeping up with female crew members.

Oops. My bad. 

It's that tramps turn to get caught anyway. Don't bother me while I update my iCloud. 

Back on the planet we see that she has been captured by cavemen. The landing party goes back down only to be attacked themselves. Luckily they are rescued by a young woman in a diaphanous gown. I just wanted to use that word. That there is an SAT word. 

This old thing? I picked it up at the Renn Fair.

For some convoluted reason she thinks Avon is a god. That makes two of them. She is waiting for him to launch a rocket containing essentially embryos to colonize a new world. A reference is made to the similar technology from Time Squad. A nice little throwback there. 

Back on the Liberator the survivor, Ensor, awakens and takes Cally hostage demanding that they take him to his father who is dying. Obviously a wounded man is more than a match for Blake and Cally. They're only hardened criminals after all. 

Hold it or the Auron buys it!

Avon and Co rescue Jenna, always tied up isn't she, and they even manage to fire off a rocket before they go. They then proceed to leave said young woman alone on a dying planet and teleport back up. In the interim Ensor has died saving Blake from having to kill him. 

There is a brief subplot where we see Servelan bring Travis back into the fold and explain her master plan. Ensor was named after his father, Ensor Sr, who needs new power packs for his heart. Kinda like Iron Man. Too bad Ensor is a brilliant scientist who has created something called Orac. What is Orac? We don't have a clue yet. But she wants it and she refuses to pay for it. So she sabotaged Juniors ship to kill him and hopefully let daddy die before she swoops in. 

All of this leads us into the season Finale Orac. The race will soon be on to retrieve the whatever it is. Stay tuned for the finale review and the season one roundup. 

Final Thoughts:
Overall I was a little let down honestly. Avon and his team were armed the whole time but never took a shot at the attacking Neanderthals? That just seems far out of character for Avon at least. And it just seemed to ramble a little bit. Never mind the weak subplot about his holiness Avon the wise or whatever his title is. Let's hope the second part redeems this one a little. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5. 

Memorable Quote:
Nothing. It was so weak it didn't have a memorable quote. 

Coffee of the Day:
Jack Daniels. Two knuckles worth. I'm hoping it helps kill what ever is in my chest and throat. 

B7 Re-Watch: Bounty


Where can I watch it?

Bounty is a little confusing so I'm going to try to keep it concise. The story falls more or less into two parts. The confusion is that the first part has two stories running simultaneously. 

The first story involves Blake and Cally teleporting down to a planet to rescue Sarkhoff the exiled president of Lindor. Once upon a time the Federation rigged an election to have him ousted. They've been biding time to use him to create a civil war and then have "peacekeeping" forces take control. 

Leopard print guerrilla fighting costumes are so last season. 

Luckily Blake learned of the Lindor Strategy when they captured the cypher machine. He has come to rescue Sarkhoff and throw off the plans. But first he must fight through a horde of troopers and convince the president to actually leave his exile. 

Why would I leave? I have the latest technology for everything. 

Meanwhile, on the Liberator Avon and the rest discover a ship in distress. They fear that it's a trap so Gan teleports over to check it out. Because that's the smartest move possible. Of course it's a trap and one by one they're all captured. 

I told you to stop and ask for directions. 

Blake and his team, including the President and his daughter, make a daring escape in a Gatsby era car. They're teleported up at the last second only to be captured by space pirates. 

Nothing racist here at all. 

The crew are locked up with explosives on their necks. The only one left free is Jenna who knew the pirate from before and seemingly switched sides. The real twist is that Sarkhoff hired the pirates to get rid of Blake. Uhm, what? His daughter is pissed that he has given up. Vila, being Vila, manages to get the explosives off just as Jenna makes her move to rescue them. 

Oh yeah, right there. 

The pirates are all killed and Sarkhoff, with a newfound sense of purpose, is teleported back down to Lindor. What happens from there we'll never know. 

Final Thoughts:
It's an ok episode. It's better than Breakdown but only by a little. A few plot holes. Why wouldn't Blake just teleport directly into Sarkhoffs quarters. We've seen them do that before. And how did Sarkhoff arrange for the trap? 

Even with a few holes it was worth watching. We get a tiny glimpse into Jenna's past. Next up the Deliverance, part one of the two part season finale. Sorry this review was really short. I haven't felt well and it's hard to be witty with a head full of gunk. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Memorable Quote:
Vila: I don't want data, I want to know what's happening.
Zen: It will be necessary for you to make a personal investigation.
Vila: Oh, you're a big help. Personal investigation... Personal investigation... The next time Avon wants to make a personalinvestigation on how you work I shall make a personal point of handing him the instruments. Personally.

Coffee of the Day:
The darkest roast I could get my hands on. I think it was Star Bucks. I just grabbed the closest thing and stuck it in the Keurig. 

B7 Re-Watch: Breakdown


Where can I watch it?

We made it all the way to episode ten before Terry Nation and crew realized that they had invested close to zero percent of their work into Gan. Of course something had to be done. And by something we mean they slapped together a story where Gan goes nuts. 

Everyone went to space and all I got was this lousy episode. 

We open on the flight deck of the Liberator where Gan is standing watch. Alone. Seriously, who leaves Gan alone on the flight deck? Of course just as things go wrong in space things go wrong in Gans head. Ie, with his limiter. Jenna comes in to save the day and winds up being body slammed for her troubles. 

Gan is the strongest there is!

Blake rides to the rescue only to get more pro wrestling moves used on him. Lucky for him the rest of the crew arrives to save him. And by rest of the crew I mean Cally and Avon since Vila gets tossed aside like a used hanky. 

Realizing that his limiter is acting up they take him to the surgery unit. Of course seeing as how none of them are surgeons they settle for strapping him to the table, over Cally's objections, and start working on plan B. 

Redrum! Redrum!

They start querying Zen on the closest neurosurgeons who can fix Gan. Again, has no one thought to ask how Zen, an alien computer, could possibly know so much about the Federation? Nothing is close enough until Avon recommends XK-72 a mobile laboratory. It's the closest as the space crow flies. Except Zen refuses to fly straight there claiming that there is a forbidden area between them and XK-72. Of course the all knowing computer has to be wrong so they chance it. And what should they find?


Except, it's more of a mild inconvenience than a threat. Yeah. Moving along. The only real danger is when Cally let's Gan loose. 

Cally, you ignorant slut. 

They get to XK-72 without further trouble and the kind doctor there is quick to teleport over to the strange spaceship to help. He asks for his assistant to join him who is instantly infatuated with Cally. And then Jenna. And pretty much any woman he sees. It must be a real celibate job at the ole XK. 

Looks like a sausage Fest to me. 

This is when we learn that the surgeon is secretly a douchebag after all. Just when our world view was about to be rocked. He has informed the Federation that Blake is there and holds off on the surgery to keep them in place until patrol ships get there. Vila is the first to realize what's going on and confronts the doctor with a sidearm. 

It's interest that when the ship was in danger he was ready to turn back. Now that his friend is in immediate danger he's willing to go to any lengths to save him. Avon returns from the station where he was considering staying. It's interesting that when the others are in danger he comes running despite his protests that he only looks out for number one. 

Blake is finally appraised of the situation and he gives the surgeon, who's name I honestly cannot remember, an ultimatum. Finish the surgery in time for us to escape or I destroy your hands. Your precious delicate surgeons hands. 

Of course the surgery is a success and the two surgeons teleport back across. Just in time for said surgeon to finally snap and kill the station commander with his bare, beautiful hands of a surgical god. 

Omg! I have ten beautiful fingers! They are glorious. 

Too bad in the ensuing battle a stray plasma bolt blows XK-72 to hell. Which is in Jersey as far as I'm concerned. 

The crew flies off into space smiling and laughing. Except for Avon of course. Ever the pragmatist all he can focus on is the loss of a resource. 

Hahahaha! Those poor dead bastards!

Final Thoughts:
There are worse episodes. Let me start with that. This isn't as bad as the Web, but it's still a let down. The halfhearted attempt to throw in a Gan episode just doesn't really work. It's disjointed and sloppy. There are some good scenes and the dialogue, as always, carries the show but it still could have been better. There are a few dark moments buried in there though that do ring kinda true. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Memorable Quote:
Avon to Vila: Why do you stay with Blake?
Vila: I like him. 
Avon: That's not a reason. 
Vila: It is for me. Especially since I have no where else to go. 

Coffee of the Day:
More Starbucks French Roast. I've been really digging a good French roast lately it seems. Especially when I'm as tired as I was this morning.