Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Testing

Woke up today feeling kinda rough. Headache, chills and a lovely little cough. It could be from the sawdust I inhaled yesterday. 

Plan/Explore testing today. Spent the first two hours bored out of my skull watching kids test. I wasn't allowed to even read a book. I mostly just spent the time day dreaming story ideas. So, time not completely wasted. 

No junior high kids today. Or for that matter Juniors and Seniors. Today was testing just for Freshmen and Sophomores. Next week the juniors take the ACT so there'll be a few more lighter days ahead. That's all just as well since I felt pretty blah today. 

The rest of the day was essentially babysitting duty. I had eleven kids in my last class. 

Added a little more to the end of Judgment. It's a little clunky but as smooth as I can make it. Calling it good and putting it to bed. 

Now to turn my focus exclusively to Thorn in the Side. Minus a few reviews of course. I got a few hundred words done on Thorn. Almost done with chapter four. That leaves about three left. 

I felt terrible by the time I got home. No lifting, skipping or running today. 

For all of the above reasons no practicing today. It's also hard to play a wind instrument with junk rattling in your chest. 

Same as the above. 

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