Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday in Paradise


Got re routed to the Monroe store and wound up staying there all day. Which was very exciting. A, it's closer to home and B, coffee is more readily available. 

I'd love to tell you interesting stories about my job but there's nothing much to tell. Which is the beauty of the job. It's low stress. Customer comes in with prescription. I help them pick the right pair. They go home able to see. Obviously lots of little things go in to making a pair of glasses work but they just aren't interesting things at all. But it is nice to see people smiling when they leave. Like I said, low stress. 

Working in West Monroe tomorrow. Unless something changes, again, I'm working in Ruston Thursday. Already got a lunch date planned with my wife Friday. Whoo!

Got home in time to work on the buffet. I made a very small start but a start nonetheless. Holy cow the new Craftsman Bolt that Hannah got me for Christmas is awesome. It came with a small circular saw. It cuts like it's going through butter. I'll keep you updated on how it goes along. 


The only writing that's gotten done at all this week had been these blog posts and my Blakes 7 reviews. No headway on any of my stories but it has been nice to take a few days off. Hopefully I can get back to it feeling refreshed in a few days. Gotta do some rewrites on Thy Judgment Come and issue 2 of By the Fire will be ready to go. Then some more work on Thorn in the Side as well as my sequel to Carrier. It's tentatively title One Man War. 

On an aside, I'm thinking about spinning my reviews off into a seperate blog. Thinking about the different gimmicks I could run with. Something like Beer and Spaceships where I do a simultaneous beer and tv review. Or something more family friendly like coffee. I dunno. What do y'all think?


Alarm went off at 5:15 and I staggered out of bed. Made it to the box at 6:00 to get my lifts in. Today was a Max Effort, ME for short, Upper Body day. Max Effort means one of a few things. It can mean the most weight you can lift one time or it can mean the most times you can lift a certain weight. Today was the latter. I opted to go my own way on the assistance exercises. 

Push Press 2 sets at 75%. 
For me that was 130lbs. I got 10 reps each round. 

Pulls ups 5/5/5/3/2
Dips 5x5
Ten minutes double under work. 

Why dips and pull-ups? Because I suck at pull-ups so I've decided to make them a priority. I went with dips because nothing builds a big overhead press like a strong dip. Basically I'm just keeping it simple. 

I did all my DU work in the yoga room in front if a mirror. Whenever someone asks me how to get better at jumping rope I tell them to practice in front of a mirror. I've been forgetting that lesson lately though. A few sessions in front of a mirror is already showing results. I've run into two problems however. One, my calves are still dead from Sunday. Two, my rope is on it's last leg. It's got a permanent crease near the handles and doesn't want to spin at the pace I need it to for doubles. I think it cost me $5 and I've had it almost ten years. I'd say I got my money's worth. I guess I'm now in the market for a new rope. I just can't stand the fancy ones with the pivot systems though. The response just feels funny. Everybody thinks I'm crazy for not liking the Rogue or RX ropes though. 

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