Friday, March 7, 2014

It's Friday, Friday

We got to bed late last night so this morning was a struggle. Managed to stagger out of bed around 5:20. I got to the box about 6:10 and left out right at 7:00 to get ready for work. God bless my wife for picking up some Daily Press for breakfast. 

Headed out about 8:15 to get to work by 8:30. I really miss these hours when I'm at school. Not to mention the location. Working 40 minutes from home can be inconvenient at times. Hard to make Dr.s appointments. Get oil changes. Etc. especially with a 30 minute lunch. This whole hour lunch just seems like a luxury. 
I even got to eat with my wife today. 

Headed over to West Monroe after lunch. Uneventful day just the way I like it. Gotta be back in the morning a little after 8:00. After work I raced home to pick up Hannah and meet my parents at Cotton for dinner. Great meal. Great times. Now home and getting ready to do it again tomorrow. 
No real writing again today other than blogging. I've got 7 reviews done. 45 more to go to finish out B7. Was super excited to find out that I've been included in an online newsletter about Classic British Sci Fi at An hour or so later I got a nice message on Tumblr from someone saying how much they've enjoyed my reviews. 

I did get a few things up on Barnes and Noble and Smashwords last night. Should be up on iTunes soon. 

I forgot to say yesterday that I took a quick minute to change the covers of most of the shorts from my anthology Encounters. I changed them all to a similar style as part of a rebranding experiment. I'm not crazy about two or three of them but the rest look sharp I think. I'm going to update the descriptions to promote them as bite size works that are part of a series. We'll see if that helps any. 

Got a new 3 rep max in my back squat. Hit 290lbs then felt like I might pass out. Practiced chest to bar pull-ups and overhead squats to get ready for 14.2 on Sunday. I'm not looking forward to this ladder. 

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