Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday, in the Park.

This'll be a brief one. Got up about 6:15 to get ready for work. Worked from about 8:15-1:30. Things got a little hectic for awhile. Made it home about 2:15 to head to Landry's. We went and saw a zydeco band with friends. I highly recommend the Redneck Red Muscadine wine. 

Afterwards we went to River and Rail for supper. This was out second time there. The first time was the worst experience I've ever had. Apparently between this time and the last the staff has been completely replaced. Tremendously better experience. 

Got zero writing done but plenty of scheming and planning in my head. Monday I'll get back to putting words on the page. Issue two will be up next week. That's the plan at least. Afterwards a mad rush to finish Thorn in the Side since my dad is starting to ask when it'll be finished. After that will be One Man War. I think anyway. Ok, that's all I got. Good night everyone. Don't forget your clocks. 

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