Thursday, March 6, 2014


Ruston today as planned. The company I work for has three branches but only two doctors who contract with us. One of them rotates between our West Monroe and Ruston stores. Thus, Stewart rotates between the West Monroe and Ruston stores. And of course the Monroe store. It depends on who is busiest. 

The funniest thing to me is how often I get asked if I'm new. Yep. It's my first day. Never done this before. Hope I get it right. Never mind that I've worked here since at least '02. 

Got my marching orders for tomorrow. Starting in Monroe. Ending in West Monroe. Afterwards we have dinner plans with the folks at Cottons. 

Raced out to the church to work up a quick special. Was there far later than I meant to be but it went well nonetheless. Back home close to 8:00 for some Grey's Anatomy. 

Got two books uploaded to my Shop Locket account. Put the widgets on my web page and hopefully I'll have time to put them on my blog today or tomorrow. Also got a few things uploaded to Nook and Smashwords. Whoo!

Rest day. Hallelujah. 14.2 got released and boy is it a doozy. It's a ladder involving Overhead Squats and Pull-ups. Sigh. 

Buffet Project:
Yeah, got home way too late to get anything done. We'll see if I get any time in the next few days. 

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