Tuesday, March 11, 2014

B7 Re-Watch: Bounty


Where can I watch it?

Bounty is a little confusing so I'm going to try to keep it concise. The story falls more or less into two parts. The confusion is that the first part has two stories running simultaneously. 

The first story involves Blake and Cally teleporting down to a planet to rescue Sarkhoff the exiled president of Lindor. Once upon a time the Federation rigged an election to have him ousted. They've been biding time to use him to create a civil war and then have "peacekeeping" forces take control. 

Leopard print guerrilla fighting costumes are so last season. 

Luckily Blake learned of the Lindor Strategy when they captured the cypher machine. He has come to rescue Sarkhoff and throw off the plans. But first he must fight through a horde of troopers and convince the president to actually leave his exile. 

Why would I leave? I have the latest technology for everything. 

Meanwhile, on the Liberator Avon and the rest discover a ship in distress. They fear that it's a trap so Gan teleports over to check it out. Because that's the smartest move possible. Of course it's a trap and one by one they're all captured. 

I told you to stop and ask for directions. 

Blake and his team, including the President and his daughter, make a daring escape in a Gatsby era car. They're teleported up at the last second only to be captured by space pirates. 

Nothing racist here at all. 

The crew are locked up with explosives on their necks. The only one left free is Jenna who knew the pirate from before and seemingly switched sides. The real twist is that Sarkhoff hired the pirates to get rid of Blake. Uhm, what? His daughter is pissed that he has given up. Vila, being Vila, manages to get the explosives off just as Jenna makes her move to rescue them. 

Oh yeah, right there. 

The pirates are all killed and Sarkhoff, with a newfound sense of purpose, is teleported back down to Lindor. What happens from there we'll never know. 

Final Thoughts:
It's an ok episode. It's better than Breakdown but only by a little. A few plot holes. Why wouldn't Blake just teleport directly into Sarkhoffs quarters. We've seen them do that before. And how did Sarkhoff arrange for the trap? 

Even with a few holes it was worth watching. We get a tiny glimpse into Jenna's past. Next up the Deliverance, part one of the two part season finale. Sorry this review was really short. I haven't felt well and it's hard to be witty with a head full of gunk. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Memorable Quote:
Vila: I don't want data, I want to know what's happening.
Zen: It will be necessary for you to make a personal investigation.
Vila: Oh, you're a big help. Personal investigation... Personal investigation... The next time Avon wants to make a personalinvestigation on how you work I shall make a personal point of handing him the instruments. Personally.

Coffee of the Day:
The darkest roast I could get my hands on. I think it was Star Bucks. I just grabbed the closest thing and stuck it in the Keurig. 

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