Tuesday, March 11, 2014

B7 Re-Watch: Deliverance


Where can I watch it?

This episode starts off with a bang. Literally. The opening shot is of a small craft in space. There are two occupants onboard who very soon make a rapid exit when it explodes. 

Something about the rockets firing too soon. I dunno. It's late. 

The Liberator just happens to be in the area and sees them go down. Avon, Gan, Villa and Jenna go down to look for survivors. One died on impact and the other is very badly wounded. They teleport him back aboard only to discover that Jenna is missing. Yeah, they have a horrible record of keeping up with female crew members.

Oops. My bad. 

It's that tramps turn to get caught anyway. Don't bother me while I update my iCloud. 

Back on the planet we see that she has been captured by cavemen. The landing party goes back down only to be attacked themselves. Luckily they are rescued by a young woman in a diaphanous gown. I just wanted to use that word. That there is an SAT word. 

This old thing? I picked it up at the Renn Fair.

For some convoluted reason she thinks Avon is a god. That makes two of them. She is waiting for him to launch a rocket containing essentially embryos to colonize a new world. A reference is made to the similar technology from Time Squad. A nice little throwback there. 

Back on the Liberator the survivor, Ensor, awakens and takes Cally hostage demanding that they take him to his father who is dying. Obviously a wounded man is more than a match for Blake and Cally. They're only hardened criminals after all. 

Hold it or the Auron buys it!

Avon and Co rescue Jenna, always tied up isn't she, and they even manage to fire off a rocket before they go. They then proceed to leave said young woman alone on a dying planet and teleport back up. In the interim Ensor has died saving Blake from having to kill him. 

There is a brief subplot where we see Servelan bring Travis back into the fold and explain her master plan. Ensor was named after his father, Ensor Sr, who needs new power packs for his heart. Kinda like Iron Man. Too bad Ensor is a brilliant scientist who has created something called Orac. What is Orac? We don't have a clue yet. But she wants it and she refuses to pay for it. So she sabotaged Juniors ship to kill him and hopefully let daddy die before she swoops in. 

All of this leads us into the season Finale Orac. The race will soon be on to retrieve the whatever it is. Stay tuned for the finale review and the season one roundup. 

Final Thoughts:
Overall I was a little let down honestly. Avon and his team were armed the whole time but never took a shot at the attacking Neanderthals? That just seems far out of character for Avon at least. And it just seemed to ramble a little bit. Never mind the weak subplot about his holiness Avon the wise or whatever his title is. Let's hope the second part redeems this one a little. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5. 

Memorable Quote:
Nothing. It was so weak it didn't have a memorable quote. 

Coffee of the Day:
Jack Daniels. Two knuckles worth. I'm hoping it helps kill what ever is in my chest and throat. 

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