Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Bluesday

I set my alarm for 4:45 with every intention of starting the day struggling with gravity. In other words picking up heavy things and putting them back down. And that just didn't happen. I finally got up at 5:45. Got myself together while watching an episode of B7 to review later. 

Headed out about 7:10. That's a few minutes later than I meant but what can you do? Grabbed another cup of coffee for the road. Still feeling wiped from the time change. 

This week is testing week for Freshmen and Sophmores. Today was precoding day so of course 1st block was a no go. Originally I was supposed to be a runner which I was looking forward to. I'm so close to finishing a good book. But alas, at the last minute I was reassigned to giving the test to kids who get extra time. That wouldn't be so bad but I'm not allowed to read, write or text while they test. Shoot me. 

If you ever wonder where your tax money goes here it is. This week we, along with the rest of the state, are taking the Plan and Explore tests. Next week every junior is taking the ACT. All three tests are purchased from the same company. Think that over a minute. EVERY student in the state. How much money is this company making a year from Louisiana?

I have to confess, not going to festival is a relief, but it also robbed me of what little motivation I had left. It's harder and harder to get up on that podium. At least I remembered my lunch today. I'm the worst about packing it and then leaving it on the counter. 

Had two students tell me I'm mean today. I don't dispute that one but but I was curious why. One of them, completely deadpan, told me "you're the reason I cry at night". I'm 90% sure he was joking. Well, 85%. Maybe. 

Got all my shorts rebranded and uploaded to B&N and Smashwords. Now if the darn things will just sell. I'm still not crazy about two covers but that's something I'll have to fix later this week. 

Spent some time going over Thy Judgment Come. It's almost ready to go. The final showdown scene needs to be expanded slightly. Honestly I'm ready to move on to the next project. While monitoring Power Hour I got a little over 500 words done on Thorn. I think I have about 8-10k more to go till it's finished. Once I can give it my full attention it should go quickly. Might can get it out late this month or early next. 

Got my review of Breakdown done. Churning through season 1 fairly quickly. Considering I watch mostly on my iPad while I'm getting ready for work or lifting in the garage. I'm hoping to finish this season by next week and do a season review. I might take a short break before I start season two and slip in a one off review of something else. We'll see. 

Squat 12x2@220
Deadlift 10x2@245

Didn't get any accessories or conditioning done. I was just too tired and my lower back felt pretty hammered. 

I'm struggling with my diet if I'm being honest. I'd like to slim up a little but dieting properly is almost another part time job in and of itself. Especially for me. I have to watch every bite I eat and put in more cardio than is my want. I don't mind cardio but I prefer brief intense cardio over longer sessions. I hate long slow runs and chipper work outs. Give me sprints any day. 

Music Practice:
Didn't get a chance to practice anything today. I have several passages that need a little time and attention. I also need time to just work on basic things and regain some basic flexibility and endurance. Sigh. So much to do so little time. 

Got another step done on the buffet. I'm roughly halfway done. I'm pleased with how it's turning out. I'll never be a master craftsman but it's coming together much smoother than I expected. 

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