Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Funday

Not much to report today. Church in the AM to lead music. It went...... well it went. I should have pushed this particular special back another week. It looked easy in paper but those are the ones that will bite you. 

Made it to the box around 1:30 to do 14.1 at 2:00. Very frustrated with my performance and my attitude. I lost my temper several times. Some swearing might have been involved and/or chunking of my rope across the gym. Sigh. Yeah, my inner child came out and not in a good way. So, to all my fellow gym goers I apologize for being, well a jerk. 

Home to start on my new project. Trying to build my wife a new buffet. I'll keep you apprised of how that goes. Wish me luck on the project and on 14.2. I'm dreading what could be involved in it. 

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