Thursday, March 6, 2014

B7 Re-Watch: Mission to Destiny

Mission to Destiny

Where can I watch it?


Mission to Destiny is a mystery episode. It's a departure from the Alien of the week episodes and the overarching rebellion. Be prepared for a few spoilers. 

The episode opens on the bridge of the Ortega. The pilot, who has a truly impressive collar, turns to speak to someone over his shoulder only to be bludgeoned to death. It's a hard knocked life in space. 

We cut to the Liberator flying through space looking all sexy. Our merry little band of outlaws have detected the Ortega flying in circles. Zen determines that it's an old Galaxy Class ship. So, chew on that TNG. Blake, Avon and Cally teleport onboard to find everyone asleep at the wheel. Blake figures out that a sleeping agent is being pumped into the ventilation system and we're treated to a scene of the trio staggering around like drunks. 

It says wheat free/gluten free so at least it's Paleo sleeping gas. 

On the bridge they find the dead pilot who has written a message in his own blood. 

Uhm, Bingo?

They wake up the crew and try to determine who could have killed the pilot and why. Suspicion falls on the one crew member who is missing and presumably abandoned ship on a life rocket. 

Who could betray a crew with such magnificent collars?

The ship is from the planet Destiny where things just aren't working out. A fungus is busy wiping out their crops and they've been sent to bargain for the only substance that can save them. Something called Nutratope. It sounds like a breakfast bar. It just happens to be the rarest most expensive compound in the galaxy. 

With the ship repaired except for their FTL they can get under way. The only problem is that it'll take at least five months to get home and a years worth of crops will be lost. Taking a desperate gamble they give the material to Blake to take and keep Avon and Cally as hostages, er guests I mean. 

Keep it secret, keep it safe. 

The Liberator races away to Destint. Through an asteroid storm. Of course. 
They're eventually forced to decide, due to power constraints, whether they must sacrifice speed or the force wall. Blake opts to sacrifice safety for speed to reach Destiny ASAP. Except once they've exited the asteroid belt he opens the container to find the vial of super expensive, super rare Nutratope is missing. 

Back aboard the Ortega another murder takes place. Avon reasons out that the pilot wrote the killers name in blood. Initially everyone thought it was random numbers. Instead it was just sloppy handwriting. Something about dying in agony wrecks a mans penmanship. The killer is revealed to be Sara. She had arranged for a buyer for the Nutratope. The ship was sabotaged to keep it in one place long enough for the buyer to catch up. 

She barricades herself on the bridge but is fooled into coming out. The Liberator arrives just in time to save the day. Everyone, save for Sara, teleports off the Ortega as the approaching ship docks. And BOOM!! Blake has rigged a charge on the access hatch that goes off destroying both ships. Because screw those guys. The episode ends with Vila requesting they take the easy way around this time. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall a good episode. It's starting to find it's space legs. A little techno babble but not too much. A decent enough mystery. We see Blake showing a little compassion of his own. Avon and Cally get their first chance to work alone together and their banter is great. The characters that suffer are Jenna and Gan. They wind up stuck on the Liberator as usual. Something that eventually leads to Sally Knyvette and David Jackson leaving the show. I thoroughly enjoyed this rewatch. Next up is Duel. 

Rating: 4 out of 5
Memorable Quote:

Cally: My people have a saying: A man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken.
Avon: Life expectancy must be fairly short among your people.

Coffee of the Day:
More Community Coffee French Roast. I love dark roasts and I really enjoy Community Coffee especially since it's a Louisiana brand. It also mixes very well with almond milk and coconut sugar for my paleo friends. 

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