Sunday, March 16, 2014

The little Sunday that could

As you might have noticed, I'm running out of titles that are even remotely clever. Sorry guys. It was always a pretty shallow well anyway. Finally, at the wife's urgings, broke down and went to a clinic. The verdict is sinus infection. Yay! I don't remember ever getting a sinus infection until the ole nose got broken and Humpty Dumptied back together. I might be scheduling an ENT visit soon to check on that. 

So, two shots in the you know where and a laundry list of drugs later I feel blah. Just slightly less blah than I have been. Hopefully tomorrow we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Going to try to make it to work and if my body can handle it get 14.3 done at the last minute. Rich Fronning got 177 reps. I'm going for 178. Well, in my head at least. If AT&T will get our internet up and running I'm going to upload Issue 2 of By the Fire. I swear if I had other options for internet service out here I'd love to make a change. Then on to my looooong list of things to be written. 

On an aside we walked past the half finished buffet under the carport and Hannah asked how tall it was going to be. So, we did a quick measurement. Yeah, it's like ten inches shorter than the one we are replacing. I guess I'm going to have to get creative. Wish me luck!

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