Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hump Day Part Deux.


Worked in West Monroe today. Nothing interesting to report. Headed to Ruston tomorrow. I think I'm back in Monroe on Friday. After work I headed up to the box for a kipping pull-up clinic. I learned several things tha I new to practice. And of course while we were waiting to start I grabbed a rope and spent time doing double under work. I'm to a point where I can throw the occasional one in while skipping and keep my rhythm going. I still can't string them together. 


Found a website that offers sales widgets that you can put on blogs and websites. Signed up. Just got finish the set up. Hopefully soon I'll be able to sell books and shorts off of my website and here. Also need to find time to upload everything to B&N and Smashwords. So much to do that's writing related but puts no new words on the page. 


Dynamic Effort Upper Body Day
Bench Press 9x3@125 w/light bands
Ring Rows 5x5
Ring Pushups 5x5

Dynamic Effort refers to the intensity of which you lift. On a max day you lift heavy/numerous lifts. A DE workout would be lighter weights/lower reps lifted at a faster tempo. Almost violently.   

Ring Rows were to balance things out. For every punching exercise you should have a pulling exercise. Since bench is a horizontal press I used a horizontal pull. Did push-ups on the rings to challenge the little stabilizing muscles in the shoulders and increase the range of motion a wee bit. I'd like to work up to 5x10. 


A baby start has been made on the buffet. I've got the base assembled. That doesn't seem like much but a nice chunk of my time yesterday was spent learning my new tools. That's more important than it seems. Didn't get to work tonight on it since we got home late from the clinic. Just time to get cleaned up, maybe watch some TV and then off to bed. I've posted a few random shots to show where we're starting. 

One random pile of lumber. 

Plus one Craftsman Bolt. 

Delivers one buffet base. 

Hopefully soon I'll be able to sink a few more pocket screws to hold it together better. That shouldn't take long. The feet will go on next. From there it will be lots of smaller cuts that might bog things down a bit. 

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