Tuesday, March 11, 2014

B7 Re-Watch: Breakdown


Where can I watch it?

We made it all the way to episode ten before Terry Nation and crew realized that they had invested close to zero percent of their work into Gan. Of course something had to be done. And by something we mean they slapped together a story where Gan goes nuts. 

Everyone went to space and all I got was this lousy episode. 

We open on the flight deck of the Liberator where Gan is standing watch. Alone. Seriously, who leaves Gan alone on the flight deck? Of course just as things go wrong in space things go wrong in Gans head. Ie, with his limiter. Jenna comes in to save the day and winds up being body slammed for her troubles. 

Gan is the strongest there is!

Blake rides to the rescue only to get more pro wrestling moves used on him. Lucky for him the rest of the crew arrives to save him. And by rest of the crew I mean Cally and Avon since Vila gets tossed aside like a used hanky. 

Realizing that his limiter is acting up they take him to the surgery unit. Of course seeing as how none of them are surgeons they settle for strapping him to the table, over Cally's objections, and start working on plan B. 

Redrum! Redrum!

They start querying Zen on the closest neurosurgeons who can fix Gan. Again, has no one thought to ask how Zen, an alien computer, could possibly know so much about the Federation? Nothing is close enough until Avon recommends XK-72 a mobile laboratory. It's the closest as the space crow flies. Except Zen refuses to fly straight there claiming that there is a forbidden area between them and XK-72. Of course the all knowing computer has to be wrong so they chance it. And what should they find?


Except, it's more of a mild inconvenience than a threat. Yeah. Moving along. The only real danger is when Cally let's Gan loose. 

Cally, you ignorant slut. 

They get to XK-72 without further trouble and the kind doctor there is quick to teleport over to the strange spaceship to help. He asks for his assistant to join him who is instantly infatuated with Cally. And then Jenna. And pretty much any woman he sees. It must be a real celibate job at the ole XK. 

Looks like a sausage Fest to me. 

This is when we learn that the surgeon is secretly a douchebag after all. Just when our world view was about to be rocked. He has informed the Federation that Blake is there and holds off on the surgery to keep them in place until patrol ships get there. Vila is the first to realize what's going on and confronts the doctor with a sidearm. 

It's interest that when the ship was in danger he was ready to turn back. Now that his friend is in immediate danger he's willing to go to any lengths to save him. Avon returns from the station where he was considering staying. It's interesting that when the others are in danger he comes running despite his protests that he only looks out for number one. 

Blake is finally appraised of the situation and he gives the surgeon, who's name I honestly cannot remember, an ultimatum. Finish the surgery in time for us to escape or I destroy your hands. Your precious delicate surgeons hands. 

Of course the surgery is a success and the two surgeons teleport back across. Just in time for said surgeon to finally snap and kill the station commander with his bare, beautiful hands of a surgical god. 

Omg! I have ten beautiful fingers! They are glorious. 

Too bad in the ensuing battle a stray plasma bolt blows XK-72 to hell. Which is in Jersey as far as I'm concerned. 

The crew flies off into space smiling and laughing. Except for Avon of course. Ever the pragmatist all he can focus on is the loss of a resource. 

Hahahaha! Those poor dead bastards!

Final Thoughts:
There are worse episodes. Let me start with that. This isn't as bad as the Web, but it's still a let down. The halfhearted attempt to throw in a Gan episode just doesn't really work. It's disjointed and sloppy. There are some good scenes and the dialogue, as always, carries the show but it still could have been better. There are a few dark moments buried in there though that do ring kinda true. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Memorable Quote:
Avon to Vila: Why do you stay with Blake?
Vila: I like him. 
Avon: That's not a reason. 
Vila: It is for me. Especially since I have no where else to go. 

Coffee of the Day:
More Starbucks French Roast. I've been really digging a good French roast lately it seems. Especially when I'm as tired as I was this morning. 

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