Monday, April 1, 2013

Afternoon project

So, you all know that after a lifetime of being a lazy couch potato I've turned into my father. By that I mean I have a hard time sitting still. I don't mean that I've become a hippy. No, seriously the man has long hair, throws up the peace sign everywhere he goes and is still protesting Vietnam. For better or for worse I seem to have inherited the desire to tinker endlessly. Oftentimes my skills don't come close to matching my desire. Tory was a little different. We're almost done with Winterguard for the season and after a ton of help and support from TCA I decided it was time to say thank you. What is Winterguard and TCA? The only way I can describe Winterguard is flag line to the power of awesome. TCA is our local independent group of which my guards teacher is a member. They run an excellent camp every summer for local color guards as well as help everyone in the area at competitions. They're the first ones to show up to help lug equipment, always have a kind word for the performers and are just generally good people. Sadly, they are also lacking in a cart to drag around their gear including a hundred plus pound floor cover. Well, were lacking. I thought that a nice way to thank them for everything they do was to build them one. Now, again, I am not a master carpenter but I do know how to measure and cut. Off to Lowes we go! Sorry Dave. Just not a Home Depot fan.

Saturday felt like a great day to do dude stuff like work out, go shooting or roll with the guys. Alas, none of those were to be. So Johnathon and I headed to Simmons in search of bullets and then onto Lowes to make a shopping list to present to Whitney. The search for rounds was a success. The search for a speed loader still not so much. The shopping list was quickly made however and emailed to Whitney who agreed to meet me at Lowes this morning to buy the stuff. I almost talked myself out of the job since I found a floor dolly on sale for not much more than I could build it for. I think in the end they opted to go with me building them one just to make me feel useful but I'm glad they did. It was actually a good bit of fun and its satisfying getting to handmade something for someone. All totaled the materials cost about $75 and took an hour or so to put together. As you can see from the pictures the dogs even got in on the action. Now it just needs a paint job but I'll leave that for someone more creative than me. Not bad I think for a guy with a cold huh?

Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Strange fact: Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, every time you breathe!

“But often some secret thought lurking within us, or even some outward circumstance, turneth us aside. Many are secretly seeking their own ends in what they do, yet know it not. They seem to live in good peace of mind so long as things go well with them, and according to their desires, but if their desires be frustrated and broken, immediately they are shaken and displeased. Diversity of feelings and opinions very often brings about dissensions between friends, between countrymen, between religious and godly men.”

Excerpt From:Thomas a Kempis. “The Imitation of Christ.”

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