Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Writing Update

So, in addition to being a terrible blogger I am a painfully slow writer. Some of that has to do with just how stupid busy I stay with work. Being a band director, especially for a program that's being rebuilt from the ground up, is not a five day a week job. There is not really a lot of down time to spend with my wife much less pet projects like writing. The fall is the worst time for me. Every Friday night is football in the south. Luckily for me Hannah is both a sport fan and doesn't mind helping in the concession stand. Well, I say doesn't mind. I'm told I owe her something shiny.

Where does all this leave me and my meager attempts at writing? Well, it leaves me with a host of unfinished first drafts. My biggie is short fantasy novel named The Blackthorn Knights. Hopefully it will be the first in a series. I've got it out being edited right now and hopefully the cover will be done soon. It combines several of my favorite things including my love of archery. In the meantime I'm putting together an anthology of shorts. I've got a few shorts that were previously published that I'd like to polish up and re-edit. I've had another short or two bouncing around for awhile that I just haven't finished up yet. Plus two new ones just for this set. Eta? No clue. It goes in fits and starts. I'm about 8k words or so into a little zombie short. The ending, if there ever really is an end to zombie stories, is still eluding me. I have put some touches on a second draft sci if vignette. I put it up on my tumblr account if anyone wants to check it out. I've also got an idea for some fan fiction that's rolling around in the back of my head. Why fan fiction? About what? Well, it's a Star Trek fan fic. Yes, I am a nerd. You should know this by now. Apart from being kinda fun I think it could be good practice for original works.

If you've made it this far into my ramblings then your life is even more boring than mine is. But, hopefully soon there'll be some new stuff up for your entertainment. When that time comes help me buy my wife something shiny. She needs something to keep her company while I'm at a festival or making a drive to a winter guard competition.

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