Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime Fitness

So, summer is here and school is finally out. Even though I’ll be working at the summer job this still means more time to spend with the wife! Thats a huge deal for us. Almost as importantly it means more time to devote to getting closer to my fitness goals. We’ve been cross fitting for almost six months and I’m twenty pounds down but I’ve got a few goals that have kept getting put off for one reason or another the last three years. Three freaking years! So, lets list the goals. 

1. I want to put up a 2x body weight squat. My best PR is 330 at about 190. I’m down to 175 at the moment and would like to drop another 5lbs and put up a 340 squat.

 2. I want to press my body weight. The best so far is about 135. So, 35-40lbs away. 

3. I want to clean my body weight. This one is actually not far away. I hit a PR of 165 last week which is about 95% bodyweight. I feel that I’ve got a much better handle on the technique and with a little more work will hit this goal soon. I think I finally understand what they mean by "pull yourself under the bar". Ive been trying to pull the bar up to shoulder height and then getting under it rather than exploding up and instantly dropping down to catch it in the squat. Ive also at least once or twice made the mistake of power cleaning it and then front squatting  it. Now if I can just put some mental blocks behind me I think I got this. 

4. Get a dip station or some rings and get back to dipping. I prefer weighted dips to benching. Partly because dips are safer to perform alone. Partly because I don't own a bench and have no plans to buy one. Also, no one ever developed the shoulder problems you get from over benching by doing dips. And the just look tough as balls when done right. 

5. Build an adjustable slosh pipe. 
Not necessarily a goal, more of a tool to reach my goals, but I still plan to make one. These bad boys are deceptively tough. They will leave you gasping for breath and muscles you didn't know you had wiped out. 

6. Put up a 400lbs Deadlift. 
Honestly that number is a smidge arbitrary. I at least want a 2x body weight PR but would like a little more. 

7. Get faster! I know that’s kind of open ended. Faster than what? At what distance? I’ll get back to you on that one. At the moment I'm leaning towards short distances such as 10 meters or so. I need to get out and get a baseline time. 

Ok, we’ve established our goals. Now we need to define how we’re going to attain them. Well, my program is very similar to Crossfit Football. It’s a four day split with two days devoted to strength training and two days devoted to Met Cons a la Crossfit. 

Day 1. 

Squat 3x5

Press 3x5

Deadlift 1x5 

At the moment I’m playing around with Time Under Tension for my squats and Isometric/isotonic work for my DLs. What is TOT? I'll give you an example. I set my metronome to 75bpm. I take four beats to reach the bottom of the squat. Its important to take all 4. I come up in two. Slow down, fast up. Isometric/Isotonic is a little different. Honestly, we could spend a whole blog tackling it and i just don'l like doing that tonight. Long story short ISOS involve moving a set weight against pins or a bar for a set count. This insures that you actually put 100% effort into an isometric hold. If you'd like to try these techniques there are several free metronome apps that will make it easier. 

Day 2. Met con. 

Rest Day/optional skill work. 

Day 3.

Front Squat 3x5

Angled Press 3x5 or Weighted Dips
Romanian Deadlifts 3x5

Split Snatch/Power Cleans 5x3 ramping sets. 

Day 4. Met con

Day 5. Rest or optional skill work such as hitting the bag, rolling, sword work, shooting bows. Stuff like that. Maybe if I’m feeling froggy do some sled sprints or agility stuff. Maybe even some slosh pipe carries!

Complete rest on Sundays. 

Well, there it is. My goals and how I intend to get there. As you can see I prefer basic compound lifts. For the most part. I have a few assistant exercises programmed for various reasons. Partly to work around a lack of weights until I can purchase some 45s. Partly because I have always struggled with certain exercises. Particularly upper body work. I have exactly two months to make all of this happen but i feel pretty good about it. I’ll keep you updated as we go.

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