Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summertime Fitness Redux

So, summer break is almost over. I can hear wailing and Lamentations now from all of my fellow teachers. Since things are winding down I thought I'd share how my fitness goals have progressed. We bought ourselves 160lbs worth of bumper plates which has helped tremendously. 

1. A 2x Bodyweight Back Squat. I actually haven't even tested this yet. The goal is to try for a PR right before school gets back in full swing. I did test my Front Squat and hit a PR of 265. That's 1.5xBW which I'm pretty proud of. That's roughly 80% of my best back squat PR of 335. I think I can add 5lbs to that before this is all done. 

2. A Bodyweight press.
I'm still not there on strict presses. This is by far my weakest lift. I did however hit a push press at 165 which is 95% BW. Getting there, just slowly. 

3. I hit a Bodyweight PR Clean on the 4th. 175lbs. For freedom!! I won't lie about it though. It was ugly as sin, but I did it. I've predominantly worked my snatch this summer so I'm not surprised the technique was a little off. 

4. We got a fairly nice little set of gymnastics rings from academy.
They have expanded their line of BCG products to include fitness. Go check it out. I actually haven't spent a lot of time dipping. Dipping on rings is a completely different animal to stationary dips. I've mostly spent time doing tuck holds working on core strength and stability. 

5. I finally built an adjustable slosh pipe.
Now to paint it black and take it for a walk. This oughta freak the neighbors out. 

6. I'm way behind on my deadlift. I did a set of 5@255 the other day that felt much smoother but the pounds are coming up very slowly. 

7. Speed. The last thing on our list and the one that has received the least attention. Everyday that I've meant to spend devoted to it something has come up. Ah well. Such is life. 

There we have it. The progress I've made this summer. It doesn't seem like much when it's all listed out. Still, my pants are fitting looser every day and I feel like I've made some strides. We celebrated our two year anniversary Crossfit style.
We've even added a little yoga for flexibility.
Hopefully school won't be all consuming this year and I'll be able to continue making gains. Wish me luck!

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