Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beer Review: Abita Satsuma

For my birthday my wife surprised me with two juicy sirloins. Since the weather was absolutely perfect we moved out onto the patio and fired up the grill. Now, my wife will tell you that I like to sip on a beer while I grill. Rummaging in the fridge I found this little baby left over from our sample pack. 

 Here is Abita's description. 

Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit is brewed with pilsner, wheat malts and oats. It is made with real Louisiana satsumas and spiced with coriander and orange peel. This unfiltered brew has a slightly cloudy appearance with a subtle citrus flavor and aroma.

Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit is very versatile and can complement a number of dishes. This brew pairs well with salads, fish, shrimp and lobster, as long as the dishes are not too spicy. Thai dishes, which often have citric notes in their flavor profile, also complement the orange flavors in Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit.

Suggested temperature: 44°
Suggested glassware: pintflutesnifter or tulip

Of course I didn't worry about ideal temps or glassware. It was straight from the fridge and I simply popped the top. First thoughts? Different. A little hoppy.

It grew on me quickly though. By the time I finished the bottle, right around the time the steaks reached medium rare, I had really grown to like it. I couldn't see myself making this my go to brew but it was a nice change of pace. 

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I think fans of Blue Moon would really appreciate it. Forewarning though the taste of citrus is strong. Next time it's in season I say give it a try. 

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