Friday, February 28, 2014

Free at Last!


Are we there yet? 3:00 can not come soon enough. Sheesh. Had to bring out my sternest teacher voice just to get my beginners to pull out their instruments. I did the count down from five and everything. Which always amuses me. You start counting down and suddenly they take you seriously. 

Run faster, he's already to three!

Junior High came at their usual time. I'll be honest, I didn't even try to have class. The day before Spring Break is always a nightmare. If you try to have class it's a headache. If you put in a movie. It's a headache. And we aren't allowed to sacrifice any of them to prove a point. 

Kali Ma! Kali Ma!!

This is when I'm glad it's only thirty minutes. Less time for them to induce a stroke or an aneurism. But, I have one student who has an ongoing comic that he writes and draws called Fartman. Can you tell he's a 7th grade boy? But for some reason I think it's the funniest thing. I told him that I expect a new issue when we get back. 

Got suckered into watching another teachers Power Hour. Apparently Everyone took off today to get a jump start on their break. And of course there aren't enough subs to go around. Sigh. I will never do that again. For the most part the kids were at least quiet. But there are always a small group who have to challenge the teacher. I don't know if they just feel like they have no control elsewhere but by golly they're gonna rebel up in here! 

Does this jacket make my rebellion look sexy?

Which kills me. I've spent an inordinate amount of time this year advocating for my students. Counseling them. Just helping them plan for life. If only some students would realize that we're on their side. Quit trying to fight with us and let us help you. I suppose it's the drowning man syndrome. Sigh. 

Advanced band finally made it all the way through Contempo. More or less. Irish Air is sloooooowwwwly becoming something pretty. Maybe not beautiful yet. But pretty. Girl next door pretty. I'll be honest I just want to bring home something higher than what we got last year. We're not going to discuss what that was. But it's Spring Break! I'm free for a whole week. Although freedom is relative. I'm free from school. I'll be at the optical all next week. I've even already been roped into doing a half day on Saturday. I'll probably come back more tired than when I left. Ah well. It pays the bills. 


The first workout for the open has been released. It's not terrible per se. 
10 Minutes. As many rounds as possible. 
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches

The only problem here is that I can't do double unders. I can shuffle, crossover, skip on one leg, jumping lunges, jumping jacks and even run while skipping. I can do singles faster than most people can do doubles. I can't do double unders. Dang it. 


I got a little under 500 words written today on Thorn in the Side.  I'm about halfway through a chapter. I write short chapters usually aiming for about 3-4k words each. I'm hoping to finish three chapters in time for Issue 2 and put the last few chapters in Issue 3. When Issue 4 drops I'll put the I individual pieces out as a novella. I expect it'll come in between 20-25k words. So, a little over 100 pages. I'm stressing over my deadlines. Although I suppose it's not that big of a deal. It's not like I have people clambering for each issue. Not yet at least. 

Date Night:

My wife dubbed tonight dude date night. We went to Simmons and Lowes. Don't let her fool you though. We went to Lowes to buy supplies for a buffet that she'd like me to build her. Not that I mind. I like working with my hands and I'm always game for a project. Simmons was to pick up supplies for tomorrow. What's tomorrow? I'm glad you asked. I'll tell you tomorrow. But it's big! At least to me. 

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