Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Day!

I woke up around midnight to see a figure standing by our open window last night. It took me a minute to process that it was a person and not the dog scratching at the window. Being a man of action I jumped out of bed with my hands up yelling at the top of my lungs. Which sent my poor wife into panic mode since she was just trying to close the window because of the rain. Oops. My bad! But hey, at least we know I can go from dead sleep to fight mode in no time. 

The alarm went off at 4:15 and I promptly leaped out of bed. And reset it for 6:00. I just can't seem to get motivated to get up early these days. I guess I don't want it as bad as I thought. 

On checking my email while eating breakfast I had a reply from a book reviewer. I wrote him last week and asked for a review of Blackthorn Knights. He very politely declined. Bummer. Hopefully one of the others I wrote will take a look at it. 

Actually made it to school more or less on time. More or less means right at the bell to let kids enter the building. Of course prior to that there was a fight. A chick fight. I always miss the fights! Dang it! And of course that's all my students wanted to talk about instead of practice. But they are making progress finally. Another few weeks of individual practice and I'll probably try some group work again to see how it goes. 

Struggled to get my junior high to even set up. "But do we have to play?"
Then had a kid drop her flute, which was donated to the school last month, on the floor right in front of me. Sigh. 

Got a few hundred words written on Thorn in the Side between that class and concession duty. That's a start at least. Got to do some reading during power hour but didn't have time to practice my trumpet any. 

My high school band is still more interested in playing around than learning their music. Crown Point March went good but it's the easiest of our three pieces. Unfortunately with a band this small good will never earn us better than a three. Irish Air, which is absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity, is a half grade above CPM but light years beyond us. I finally just walked off the podium I was so frustrated. Not just in the wrong notes and rhythms but in the blasé attitude towards the mistakes. 

Actually made it to the box! And then got peer pressured into signing up for the Crossfit Opens. Zach threatened to take my Bro Card. Way to be a conformist Stew! 60 overhead presses later my shoulders feel like they just might go on strike. 

Finally home around 6:15 to shower and eat. Not to mention getting to see my wife. As you can see, that's a rarity. No wonder I thought she was an intruder! 

Finally got to watch the latest episode of True Detective. Wow! This show is just brilliant. Dark, moody, slightly Lynchian and just so dang confusing. 

Supposedly has done a review of Carrier. Waited all day and it never popped up. Maybe if I'm really lucky it'll be up in the morning. Anyway, that's all I got. Good night all of you who have stuck with me on this. 

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