Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a Dreary Tuesday

Hallelujah I actually slept well last night. My wife restocked me on coffee yesterday. Between the java and real sleep I feel almost human again. Actually managed to not be ridiculously late for work. But of course every day is a new adventure. Got to school to find out that I had one kid moved to the alternative school and three of my performing band students were caught skipping. Including my first chair trumpet. Sigh. It's going to be an interesting week. But at least next week is spring break. Oh course that causes it's on problems. Those who have taught know that as spring break approaches attention spans diminish. 

First block is going better. My students are still moving slow but a little individual attention is already building momentum. My trombone couldn't hit a fourth line F yesterday. In case you're wondering that's one of the first notes you learn. Today he was getting it. Sorta. 

Junior High is working out of Technicises. The beauty of this book is it's simplicity. It presents each major and minor scale in seperate units. Each unit starts with the scale in half notes before moving to harder versions. Each line can be played together. In my situation, with novice to intermediates in one class, this works very well. Beginners get easy lines. More advanced students get harder lines. Every body is happy. 

So, I've been assigned to monitor a student for E2020 during power hour. Great. Except I don't have a key to the lab we're using. Or an E2020 user name anymore. Yeah. This was really well thought out. The plan was to take this time to write but there isn't a useable computer to accomplish that in here. Define irony. Ah well, I have the rest of the Lost Fleet books to read through thanks to Arrant. 

With my fourth block I've been experimenting with two days a week of sectional work. So far I've gotten mixed results. The work that my kids do isn't bad. When I can get them to work. Sigh. I might have to give up on this idea for a bit. 

Hammered out a few revisions after school. Only had about ten minutes to work with. Hannah reminded me that I had a haircut this afternoon at 4:15. Which meant no going to the box to workout. I feel like I'm ignoring friends since I haven't been there in a while. Had to do my workout at home again though. Maybe tomorrow I can get in there. 

Haircut, grocery store, then home for supper. Afterwards we ran out to the mall to return some clothes. Hit my lifts after we got home. Cleaned up and finally sitting down around nine for a little tv before bed. Phew. At least tomorrow should be an easier day. Until then, good night. 

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